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Itaú will have a fully digital card, in Platinum version and Mastercard brand

Itaú will have a fully digital card, in Platinum version and Mastercard brand

Itaú Unibanco will have a fully virtual card. With Mastercard branded in Platinum version, the new product will have free annual fee and will not have a physical version. The use will be through digital wallets, a means that the bank has been promoting as it finds that it makes customers more loyal.

Testing is being done with a small base of customers and employees, and the new product should be widely available by the end of the year. It will be possible to use the new card both for in-person purchases, by registering in wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, or online, with the generation of a virtual card, which can have a temporary or fixed number.

“With Click Digital, we are building a product of the future”, says the director of cards at Itaú, Mario Miguel, in a note. “We were the first bank in Brazil to have a mobile application, to offer the virtual card and to have all the digital wallets, building a very solid road in the offer of innovations that improve the experience of our customers – always with the security that is a hallmark of Itau.”

In June, the bank started a campaign to encourage customers to register cards in digital wallets. As the Broadcast showed, one of the motivators of the movement was the realization that the customer who registers the means of payment on the cell phone tends to use it more, something important in view of the increase in the average number of cards per customer in recent years.

“With digital solutions, we provide the most practical, safe and technological payment experience that exists in the world today”, adds Miguel. “We have the ambition to soon offer the digital card for other products in our portfolio, giving our customers this power of choice.”

The so-called Click Digital card will have travel benefits, insurance for car rental and other advantages, such as the Tag Itaú, for automatic payment of tolls and parking, and which does not charge a monthly fee.

Source: CNN Brasil



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