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“It’s a trade without gender”: Chico opened his cleaning company when he lost his job

When you are already an adult, few things cause as much anguish as the fact of not getting a job, because you are constantly attacked by uncertainty about the future and you even imagine that you will end up wandering the streets, without a place to live or with something to eat. .

To avoid that, you start thinking about the alternatives you have in case you don’t find what you expect. Although we bet that you have never considered working in cleaning, because, in addition to the fact that there are too many prejudices about it, most people consider it an underemployment.

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In this situation was Tiago Haka, a 35-year-old man who lives in Brasilia, Brazil, since he had lost his job as a receptionist in a hotel and could not find a way to cope with his difficult economic situation.

For this reason, she had no choice but to dare to venture into the unknown world of cleaning. The boy searched for tutorials on YouTube to learn more about the tips and tricks offered by experts in the field and, apparently, promised himself that it would only be temporary, while he found a new job.

At first I was afraid of being a man, because I didn’t think anyone would hire me. I did not know this market yet. But I announced it, then my friends called me to clean, then friends of friends, more customers came.

I ended up enjoying the cleanup and getting closer to the customer. I can work my own hours and only work Monday through Friday. In addition, I began to earn much more than when I worked in a company.

It is important to note that cleaning is genderless and that working in cleaning, as a housekeeper, bricklayer or any other profession is not ‘underemployment’, ‘lower class’ etc. What is ‘sub’ is classism and social and economic prejudice. These professions are as important as any other.

You are certainly right. In addition, we can never know for sure where the paths of life can take us, because what sometimes seems to be a catastrophe can end up being something very beneficial. We are already thinking about the possibility of starting our little cleaning business; I’m sure we get more income than in Godín’s employment.

Source: Okchicas

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