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“It’s an emblematic decision”, says lawyer for Arlindo Cruz’s granddaughter, who was a victim of racism in a school in SP

The granddaughter of samba singer Arlindo Cruz, 65, who was a victim of racism in a private school in the capital of São Paulo, is expected to be heard at a hearing scheduled for July 16.

Maria Hellenna, 11 years old, is the daughter of Arlindinho and pedagogue Talita Arruda.

The case occurred while the girl was playing volleyball, when racist insults were made, as reported by the family’s lawyer, Hédio Silva Jr. CNN .

“It is a completely vexatious, avian and outrageous situation,” said Silva .

According to him, the girl was asked to give a statement so that the judge would be able to “assess the seriousness” of the case. The attacker was expelled from school.

The hearing, which will be held on July 16th at the 3rd Children and Youth Court of the São Paulo Court of Justice, was celebrated by Maria Hellenna’s family.

“It is an emblematic decision that allows us to ensure that the judge decides after listening to the child, and this listening is fundamental”, he said.

For Silva, the aggressor must be punished according to the law, which typifies it as an act analogous to the crime of racism, due to the aggressor being a minor, such as, for example, providing community service in NGOs that have links to racial issues.

Hédio, who is the former Secretary of Justice of the State of São Paulo, also represents the defense of actress Samara Felippo, in the case where her eldest daughter was a victim of racism by two students at Vera Cruz school, in the west zone of the capital of São Paulo. The case happened in April.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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