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It’s official! Camila returns to the stage with an international tour

Through an unexpected press conference and after 10 years of separation, the successful Mexican group Camila announced its return to the stage with a tour that will cover the entire American continent.

In addition, the group announced the release of a new album with unpublished songs, based on their departures, feelings and the maturity they acquired separately.

It is a very important day for the three of us (…), we are very excited, life puts us in the perfect time, the perfect place, and it had to be now.

When three passionate hearts come together, they become a fire.

–Samuel Parra


The group will begin its tour on October 14 in Guadalajara, Mexico, later it will arrive in Mexico City, Monterrey and countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Washington, among others.

In these 10 years the three of us have matured, learned from the past, we have realized the ups and downs of the career and how we missed the magic that existed when the three of us were together. Why not try it again from a different and more mature perspective?

– Pablo Hurtado

At the end of the year, beginning of the next, the complete album and the tour arrive. The songs have been experiences of recent years, composed by the three. He feels nice to have something interesting to say without pressure.

– Mario Dom

Mario Domm pointed out that the songs on the new album will be a delight for his followers, who will enjoy a new stage for the group.

At the moment, the dates on which the tickets will go on sale have not been revealed, but there are already those who are ready to invest all their savings and sing at the top of their lungs. You lie either Everything changed.

Source: Okchicas

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