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Jeff Machado’s dogs are adopted; animals were important to solve case

Actor Jeff Machado’s dogs were sent to new adoptive homes, according to the NGO Indefensos. The actor, who was found on Monday (22), dead and buried in a trunk under two meters of concrete in the backyard of a house in Rio de Janeiro, owned eight setter dogs.

The NGO rescued the first two dogs in Paciencia, RJ, on January 31 of this year. Through the animals’ chip, it was possible to verify that Jeff Machado was the guardian of the dogs.

The Organization even spoke to someone who impersonated the actor and who said he left his eight setter dogs with a friend while he was in another state for work. Days later, a man who introduced himself as Giovani told the NGO that he had helped Machado abandon his pets.

The rescue of the animals was important to prove, at first, that Jeff was really missing, as the family considered it unlikely that the actor could abandon his dogs.

The NGO Indefensos found seven of the eight purebred dogs belonging to the actor. One of them died before he could be rescued – the dog named Rita Lee – and another died the day after being taken in by the NGO – named Caetano.

Veterinarian André Meirelles, contacted by the Organization, took care of the five animals that survived. “Vinicius, Cazuza, Tim Maia, Elis Regina and Nando Reis, these five dogs were with me in the space inside the house, because they are dogs very used to staying indoors, on the sofa”, he explained to CNN.

He said the animals have already been adopted, so they can continue their lives in other homes after Jeff Machado’s death.

“After they have done the blood tests, bath, care, fur, everything right, we schedule. As a veterinarian, I received all these new tutors at the kennel, I talked to everyone. I presented the exams, the dates they had been vaccinated and we were then graced with the possibility of them having new homes and the condition of being able to have a happy life.”

In a note, the NGO Indefensos offered solidarity to the actor’s family and friends and, in particular, to Jefferson’s mother, Maria das Dores Estevão Machado.

understand the case

On Thursday (25), Maria das Dores said she believes her son may have been the victim of an ambush after a false promise of employment at a television station.

The actor’s body was found with signs of torture inside a trunk buried and concreted in the back of a property in Campo Grande. According to investigations, the house did not belong to the actor and was rented a month before the crime.

Agents from the Whereabouts Discovery Police Station arrived at the scene after breaking the victim’s telephone secrecy. Another clue was Jeff Machado’s dogs, which had identification chips and were abandoned in the crime scene.

“With the dogs abandoned and, as they were all chipped, it was easy to identify. Everyone knows that he had an unconditional love for dogs”, said lawyer Jairo Magalhães, who represents the actor’s family.

The case is being investigated as aggravated homicide and concealment of a corpse.

The “Children” of Jeff Machado

In a post on his social media from December 2022, a month before he was reported missing, the actor posted a photo of the eight dogs on the sofa at his home.

“Updating the classic photo of my children together on the sofa at home: Nando Reis (8 years old), Gilberto Gil (7 years old), Cazuza (6 years old), Tim Maia (2 years old), Elis Regina (4 years old), Vinícius de Moraes (8 years old), Caetano Veloso (7 years old) and Rita Lee (9 years old), all Setters, my dog ​​version”, says the publication.

Source: CNN Brasil

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