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Kilicdaroglu attacks Erdogan over PKK video – ‘You are a big liar’

THE Kemal Kilicdaroglu is raising the tone, as the second round of the elections in Turkey and this time attacked the Recep Tayyip Erdoganwho had mentioned that his opponent seen in video to cooperate with members of the PKK.

Thus, the candidate for president of the National Alliance posted on Twitter and wrote the following:

“You said there are tapes of my meeting with the terrorists in Qandil. Hey Erdogan, what kind of Muslim are you! If you have an actual tape of such a meeting, which is not fabricated or edited, please post it. But you can’t. You are a big liar”.

It is recalled that during his large pre-election rally on May 7 in Istanbul, Erdogan showed a short video in which, according to him, it appears that Kilicdaroglu “collaborates with the PKK”an organization that Ankara and the West have labeled terrorist.

In the video, the opposition candidate calls on the Turks to go “to the polls together” for the presidential elections to the sounds of his campaign song, which in the next shot is seen repeated by members of the PKK, clapping their hands to the rhythm of the song.

The Turkish president, who came first in the first round of the presidential elections with 49.5%, publicly admitted on Monday that it was editedthough he reiterated that his opponent “is an ally of Kurdish terrorists.”

Source: News Beast

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