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Iuri Pitta: How big is Brazil at the world’s decision-making table?

This Saturday (9), a year begins that will end in November 2024, in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil will receive the presidency of the G20 from India this weekend, in New Delhi, and the country will have the chance — and the responsibility — to dictate the priority lines of work of the group that brings together the 20 largest economies in the world.

For a leader with the ambitions that President Lula (PT) has in geopolitics, the opportunity could not be better, even if it coincided with the calamity in Rio Grande do Sul and gave reasons for the PT member to be the target of the opposition.

Brazil wants to base its presidency of the G20 on axes such as combating hunger and inequalities, advances in the environmental agenda and what the government calls promoting effective reform of global governance institutions.

The first two sound promising. And the third? In a context of high polarization between the West and the duet of Russia and China, with the war in Ukraine as a divisive factor, it once again sounds like an exaggeratedly bold step.

In 14 months, when the G20 summit begins in Rio de Janeiro, it may be possible to answer the question for which Lula has an answer, but has not yet managed to convince his fellow world leaders: how big is Brazil at the decision-making table of the G20? world?

Source: CNN Brasil

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