Ivan Duke breaks every record of unpopularity in the midst of a social explosion

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Conservative Colombian President Ivan Duce is breaking a record of unpopularity, according to a poll released on Tuesday, as the social uprising against his government has been going on for almost a month.

According to the Invamer Institute, 73% of respondents said they disapprove of “the way he exercises his position”, a figure that stood at 59% in February.

Mr. Duke reached the record of unpopularity of the conservative former president Andres Pastrana (1998-2002), for whom the negative opinions had reached 74%.

89% of people polled said they “agree” with the protests that erupted on April 28, prompting a bill to increase VAT and generally seek to expand the tax base, which was quickly withdrawn.

Fifty-six percent of those polled said they had a negative image of the police, who have been widely criticized for violently suppressing mass protests.

However, despite widespread support for the protests and their demands, 60% of respondents said they rejected roadblocks as a form of protest, while 61% were in favor of the presence of the army in cities where “vandalism” has been recorded.

The death on Sunday morning of a newborn being transported by ambulance when it was trapped at a roadblock intensified the rejection of this form of protest. The video that doctors shot in the ambulance and records the death of the newborn was widely spread in the country.

Unemployment, which affects 16.8% of the population in urban centers, is the main concern of Colombians, according to Invamer.

The survey was conducted by telephone on a representative sample of 1,200 people.

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