Jaden Smith unleashes rumors for a photo with the Spider-Man mask, they say it will be Miles Morales

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Maybe Spider-Man: No Way Home no longer the number one movie at the box office – Scream he stole his throne last weekend – but he’s still the talk of the town. Expanding on the concept of the multiverse that had previously been very superficially explored in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) projects, the fans are eager to find out what’s next for our beloved Spider-Man.

Into the Spider-Verse is another film starring the arachnid superhero in which the concept of alternate realities was used. This film starred Miles Morales, one of the most beloved versions of Spider-Man by those who are fans from the comics. What caught the attention of many fans is that the multiverse that was explored in no way home opens the possibilities for very interesting ideas.

One live-action with Miles Morales?

For years, fans have wanted to see Miles Morales in a movie. live-action And it seems that the latest Spider-Man tape has paved the way for the inclusion of this version of the arachnid superhero in the MCU.

Amidst all the anticipation, fans They debate who would be the ideal actor to play Miles, should their wishes come true. One of the strongest candidates is Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith. Although the actor has not said anything about it, a photo he published in recent days fueled the rumors like never before.

The young actor and musician uploaded to his Twitter account a photograph of him wearing the iconic Spider-Man mask with the caption “Trying to swing.” Perhaps this by itself means nothing, but if we consider the rumors that Jaden is in negotiations with Marvel, this photo may not be just a coincidence.

Another piece of evidence that has made the rumors grow even more is that some fans they noticed that, in recent photographs taken by paparazzi, it seems that Jaden has been increasing his muscles. Sure, the guy may just want to get in shape, but you never know!

What do they think? fans?

There are those who think that Jaden is a great option to play Miles Morales, but there are also some fans that they would rather see a lesser-known actor in the role. In addition, they would like to be played by a Latino actor who honors the ethnic origins of the superhero, since Miles Morales is an Afro-Latino character.

Obviously, nothing is certain at this time. Rumors may be just that, rumors, but what is certain is that Spider-Man fans would be thrilled to see Miles Morales played by a talented actor.

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