Japan is considering easing measures for the coronavirus

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The relaxation of the measures for him coronavirus from the spring, the Japanese government will consider, among other things, lifting the mask in closed public places, as Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said today.

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Speaking to the press after a meeting of the joint ministers, Kisida explained that he asked them to consider under what terms and conditions COVID-19 could be downgraded to the same category as seasonal flu. “As we try to restore the normal way of life in Japan, we would like to change various measures step by step,” he told reporters.

What will be the case?

Downgrading the disease to category 5 (from category 2 today) will mean that isolation will not be required for those who are infected and for close contacts. The government is also preparing – Mr. Kishida hinted – to recommend only people with symptoms to wear masks in closed public places. As of this stage, the recommendation concerns all citizens.

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The government relaxed measures to limit the spread of the virus in May. He had then announced that citizens no longer needed to wear masks outdoors if they kept the necessary distance, APE-MPE reports, citing Reuters.

However, the vast majority of its citizens Japan continues to wear a mask in public places, whether they are closed or open.

The official death toll of the new coronavirus pandemic in Japan has reached 64,220 dead in a total of 31.81 million cases of SARS-CoV-2 (451/96,392 respectively in 24 hours), according to the latest available figures from the ministry Health in Tokyo.

Source: News Beast

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