Jeff Bridges, good news: “The tumor has shrunk dramatically”


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“Mine tumor it has drastically reduced ”. Jeff Bridges brings good news about yours health conditions: the American actor, 71 years old recently completed, it is indeed struggling for about three months with cancer. “I’ve been to do a CT scan to see if meand new treatments they are giving results ”, reads a note on its official website handwritten. “And I found that they work beautifully”.

Jeff, always politically engaged and very attentive to social issues, he did not miss the opportunity to to comment the recent assalto a Capitol Hill by supporters of Donald Trump. “After the exam, I went home euphoric for the news. Then I turned on the television and found out what was happening in our country, an attack that has me broken your heart», Continues the Hollywood star.

«A question arose in me: what can an individual do in one situation like this? Then I remembered my mentor Rozzell Sykes», The actor concludes, quoting the late American artist,« his mantra was BE LOVE“. A principle that, on closer inspection, marries perfectly even with the mentality of pacifico Other, the most famous character played by Bridges in the film «The Big Lebowski».

“As you would say Another, new shit is coming out, ”he wrote in October revealing lymphoma and citing the well-known character cinematic. “It’s a serious illness but I’m confident thanks to support of my friends and family ”. Positive updates they arrived even before Christmas, when Bridges – from his beach house – said of feel good and presented the new little dog.

Jeff’s battle continues, but with one more smile.

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