Jeffrey Epstein: “Pedophile Islands” for sale – Tropical paradises with horrific abuse stories

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The fortune of the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein where committed suicide in prison in 2019has started to come out in the “hammer”, but enough real estate find it difficult to find a buyer, as they are associated with horror stories. Typically, the two tropical paradises he maintained in the Caribbean are known as “Islands of pedophiles“, As in the specific islands he had raped and abused many children.

According to nypost.comthese two islands are a challenge for Epstein’s estate management company, as they cost a lot, but their price has dropped, as no buyer has been found yet.

Specifically, the initial price of the islands Great St. James and Little St. James it was $ 125 millionNevertheless now cost $ 55 million eachsomething that corresponds to a reduction of 12% relative to initial demand, according to the Wall Street Journal. So, in case one buys both islands, one has to pay the sum of 110 million dollars.

Σπίτι του Τζέφρι Έπστειν στις Παρθένες ΝήσουςΣπίτι του Τζέφρι Έπστειν στις Παρθένες ΝήσουςJeffrey Epstein's home in the Virgin Islands
The island of Little St. James

THE Adam Modlin, representative of the Modlin Group -that puts Jeffrey Epstein’s islands under the hammer- said that after the reduction of the initial price many buyers appeared, but again there is an issue in the sale, because there is no interest in selling the two islands togetherwhich is the initial goal of the management company of the property of the deceased billionaire.

Based on what has become known from Epstein’s life, he bought in 2016 the island of Great St. James located opposite St. Bay. Thomas and has an area of ​​more than 160 acres. The tropical paradise was acquired three years before the billionaire was arrested, with the result that it has very little construction.

In contrast, the other island called Little St. James has owned it for a long time, including a helipad, a private dock, a gas station, two swimming pools, a main residence, four guest villas, three private beaches and a gym.

In fact, on this island of 70 acres, Epstein is said to have abused and raped several minors, resulting in creepy stories, which even now have not been clarified whether they are true, or falsified rumors, of his already horrific acts.

Liquidation of assets to cover debts

Jeffrey Epstein’s entire fortune begins to go under the hammer after his suicide, as must be covered such a debts left behind by the billionaireas well as debts related to the maintenance of his property.

Features, the Daniel Weiner, lawyer in charge of Epstein’s estate, told the Post, that all the money raised from real estate sales will be used to resolve pending lawsuits and the cost of their operations. “The proceeds from the sale are expected to be used for regular management, including payment, as required, of taxes, creditors and claimants,” he told the Post.

Thus, in Manhattan, an old Epstein mansion was sold for $ 51 million in March 2021, as well as a house in Palm Beach for $ 18.5 million, which has already been demolished to build a new home.

Also in New Mexico is a Santa Fe ranch for sale for 27.5 million dollars, while in the “hammer” comes a luxury house in Paris, for which, however, no further details have been made public.


Source: News Beast

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