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YouTube Star Jenna Marbles Net Worth 2020: Her Rise to Stardom

Jenna Nicole Mourey, or as known by her fans, Jenna Marbles, is a psychology major but opted to make the online platform of YouTube her career. She had made billions of views on her channel over the decade while being one of the most popular celebrities on YouTube, which has gained her a hefty net worth.

With her over 20 million subscribers, she has one of the highest numbers of people to count on to make her videos popular. Mourey has been an advocate of animal rights and became vegan five years ago.

Jenna Marble’s early life and careers

Marbles attended Suffolk University and graduated with a psychology degree. She then went to Boston and applied for a master’s degree in counseling and sports psychology. Her primary focus has always been how a human mind works, and by looking at her career on a platform like YouTube, it seems like she is quite efficient in what she does.

After her graduation, she started taking jobs as a bartender, a go-go dancer at a night club, and a receptionist at a tanning salon to afford her Massachusetts apartment.

She launched her channel in 2010, back when building a career on YouTube was not considered something reliable or long-lasting.

At the same time, she began working for Barstool Sports, a blog covering pop culture and the latest highlight of what’s happening in the sports realm. She was mainly responsible for writing for the site’s female-centered branch, StoolLaLa.

Marbles worked for the blog as a writer for one year before deciding to leave the platform on good terms and use it to build her career as a full-time YouTuber.

Jenna Marble’s success

In 2010, she posted a video on her channel by the title of “how to trick people into thinking you are attractive?”. The video went viral soon after and became one of the most viewed videos on her channel. This particular video was viewed over 5.3 million times the first week after uploading, putting Jenna’s name on the YouTube map.

Another one of her videos, “How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To,” was featured in The New York Times and was aired by ABC News. She focused on how disrespecting girls at the bar is a norm and challenged it. She focused on how it is not right to touch a girl inappropriately at a bar if she has walked into it to spend some time alone or with some friends. As of 2018, that video has over 36.2 million views.

Her YouTube success has helped her get into other ventures like acting as well. She made an appearance in season 4, episode 9 of Ridiculousness, an MTV show. She was also cast as Jenna Marbles in 2015 for the movie Smoosh: The Movie.

She also played the role of Eve in season 2 of “Adam vs. Eve” for a fellow YouTube channel Epic Rap Battles of History. Her reprisal of the character Eve made the viewer’s question some of the very fundamental queries regarding the legend of Adam and Eve.

Marbles have won several awards over the years and became one of the most wellknown YouTube personalities. She was the winner of the Viral Superstar accolade for Young Hollywood Awards. She also bagged two Streamy Awards for the YouTube Ensemble category in 2017 and a nomination for the decade’s creator in 2018 at Shorty Awards.

Business ventures

Mourey became the owner of a dog toy online store called Kermie Worm and Mr. Marbles. The toys at the store are replicas of her dogs. The store is a successful one and sells her merchandise well online.

Other than the dog toys, her merchandise includes hoodies, T-shirts, and beanie hats with various catchy phrases printed on them. A few of her most famous catchphrases are “What is this?” and “Team Legs,” which have been on most of the things she put out there for purchase.

When James Patterson’s novel series Maximum Ride was signed to be adapted into a film, Marbles became an executive producer in 2016. The movie didn’t do well at the box office and only received 3.6 out of 10 in IMDb ratings.

With her worth of $8 million as of the year 2020, she had made waves on many forums.

She has had well over 30 million subscribers as of 2020 and more than 3.3 billion views on her channel. Presently, she is in the top 86 channels on YouTube to have such a mammoth number of viewers.

The views generated from YouTube and her earnings from endorsement have helped her make this fortune.

Marbles’ real estate

In May 2018, she bought a residence in California, in Sherman Oaks worth $2,85 million. The estate is situated at the end of a quiet and serene neighborhood and spans over 5,093 sq ft of land area. After purchasing the estate, she made a thorough YouTube video showing every part, and the video itself made 3.2 million views.

Before buying the estate, she was a resident at a house in Santa Monica, which was worth $1.1 million, but she rented that place before getting the new one.

Personal life

Marbles have been dating a YouTuber Julien Solomita since 2013. They respect and love each other immensely and have a podcast together with around 922,000 subscribers. They have four dogs together; three are Italian Greyhounds, named Peach, Bunny, and Kermit, and a Chihuahua named Mr. Marbles.

With her fortune and influence, Marbles had made it evident that she would not tolerate any oppression and injustice on anyone. She adopted her Greyhound from a non-profit organization Grey save. She has also very vocal and advocated over the Black Lives Matter campaign. Her views and actions only increase her popularity among an already massive fan base.

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