Jennifer Lopez talks about the farewell to Alex Rodriguez for the first time: “Sometimes you have to change direction”

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Without Alex (Rodriguez) and with Ben (Affleck) again next door. Jennifer Lopez has never been happier. And he wanted to let everyone know in an interview granted to the Apple Music program The Ebro Show. There J.Lo spoke for the first time about the end of the relationship with Alex Rodriguez, implying that the Backfire with Ben Affleck (never explicitly mentioned) it is giving emotions that he had forgotten by now.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, who had long planned the wedding (for her it would have been the number quattro) announced the end of their story last April. In a joint statement with subdued tones, the two claimed to have realized «that we function better as best friends “.

Now the Puerto Rican-born star has told Ebro Darden that the path that led her to separate after five years by Rodriguez was long, and it started when she decided to do an exercise in reflection and introspection: “It was a moment for me and no one else, I realized that I had to feel good for myself and that happiness only starts with me“. But to achieve happiness it was also necessary to suffer a little: “Sometimes you have to change direction. Even if it can be painful for you and strange to others. It’s just about who you are and what suits you best. “

The desire for renewal prevailed in Jennifer’s life. A need also underlined by the title of his last song: Change the Step. It is in this phase of “rebirth” that he enters love suddenly exploded with Ben Affleck, to which Jennifer had been linked from 2002 to 2004. In the interview she never specifically mentions him, but it is clear that she thinks of Ben when she says: “When you come to a new awareness, Incredible things happen to you that you never imagined could happen to you anymore. And I I’m living in this moment right now. I want everyone to know one thing: this is the best time of my life».

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