Russia: We have evidence of US-Islamic State cooperation in Afghanistan

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The US is turning against Russia emphasizing that it has evidence that certifies their cooperation with Islamic state in Afghanistan.

“I am convinced that such cooperation has taken place. And we did not just start saying that. We began to receive specific information about such elements of cooperation. Data concerning the transport of weapons by helicopter. “We received them from local Afghans, but also from local leaders, who could not understand why helicopters were supplying weapons and ammunition to those areas occupied by ISIS military units,” the special envoy said on Tuesday (20/7). of the Russian President for Afghanistan and Director of the Second Directorate of Asia of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zamir Kambulov.

Kabulov also said that Taliban seizure of power in Afghanistan by military means realistic in case of no progress in intra-Afghan talksς. “If there is no real progress in the process of national reconciliation, then the military-political balance will shift in favor of the Taliban movement,” and then the military seizure of power in the country will become a very realistic prospect, “Kabulov said.

“The Taliban are currently unable to occupy large administrative centers in the provinces of Afghanistan.“He estimated, as broadcast by the Athens Agency, citing Russian media.

The Russian foreign minister’s special envoy for Afghanistan and director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second Asia Directorate said in a statement that “for more than twenty years the leadership of the Taliban movement, of which the main part is the he himself, of course, is fed up with the war and realizes that he must seek political solutions to the impasse that has been created “, and that” she is ready for a political compromise “.

On the other hand, Kabulov continued, the Taliban movement is not stagnant and a new generation of young “passionate fighters, who have great endurance and who, for the most part, have never lived in a peaceful, free and unoccupied Afghanistan, is emerging.” , Who believe that they are fighting for the liberation of their country from the conquerors and the values ​​of Islam, as they perceive them.

“This passionate section of young fighters has more radical dispositions. “They are the ones who are being killed in the ongoing hostilities,” Kabulov said.

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