Joe Biden: Stumbled On Stage At Campaign Speech – “Oops, I Stepped On Something. What is this;”

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The misstatements and blunders of the US president, Joe Biden continue, fueling rumors that he may be dealing with health issues. This time he was commented on in a different way, when he tripped on stage during his campaign speech, just before the midterm elections.

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More specifically, Joe Biden heard someone in the audience interrupt him with the US president responding “I have not given any order for another drilling”. And that was not enough, while the American President was speaking in favor of the governor of New York, he stumbled without, however, finding himself in the void. Joe Biden who has a history with falls and tumbles, another incident came along to add to his reckless moves.

It’s another one incident of this type – at a public event in fact – which raises concerns about the US presidentwho will be 80 years old last November.

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Oops, I clicked something. What is this; It’s something black,” Joe Biden said and continued his speech normally.

Source: News Beast

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