New strain has greater transmission power than Ômicron, says infectologist

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The increase in cases of Covid-19 in Europe, the United States and Canada serves as a warning to Brazil, which already has an increase in positive tests, according to Abrafarma.

This is the evaluation of the infectologist and consultant of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases Márcio Nehab.

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THE CNN Radio there is a “conjunction of factors” that explains the escalation of cases, which can turn into a new wave.

“There is a time when we had our last wave, there is a decrease in immunity, and also in vaccines, in addition to the entry of new strains.”

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Last weekend, Rio de Janeiro identified the BQ.1 strain through genetic sequencing.

Nehab explains that, even with the vaccine and in those who have already had the disease, “this new strain has greater transmission power than Ômicron.”

“In terms of severity, it is not the same as alpha, gamma and delta, but this new infection can lead to hospitalizations, deaths, and the infection can lead to long Covid syndrome”, he added.

According to the infectious disease specialist, special attention needs to be paid to the population being hospitalized at this time.

“Most of them are people who did not take the booster dose, or children who could not be vaccinated, in addition to this there is a reduction in restrictions, such as mandatory masks.”

The infectologist stressed that there is a need to seek the booster dose, especially those who are more vulnerable to the disease.

In addition, he recommends the use of masks and isolation for 10 days for those who have symptoms.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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