Joe Biden: There should be a “minimum tax” on billionaires

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The president of United States of America, Joe Bidenduring his State of the Union speech he called “scandalous” the gigantic profits of companies in the oil sector and called at the same time to impose “minimum tax” to the billionaires.

“The tax system is not fair”said the American president addressing Congress. “I propose quadrupling taxes” attributable to share buybacks to “encourage longer-term investment,” Mr. Biden added during his State of the Union address.

Veto any attempt to ban abortion at the federal level

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Mr. Biden has made it clear that he will veto any attempt to roll back abortion rights at the federal level, warning state authorities that they are moving in that direction after the Supreme Court dynamited it in 2022.

“If Congress passes (legislation to provide for) a national ban, I will veto it”he clarified.

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Source: News Beast

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