Biden acknowledges that discussions of policing differ racially

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US President Joe Biden declared on Tuesday that discussions about policing differ along racial lines in America, admitting he never had to have “the conversation” – how to behave around the police – that many black and brown families have to deal with with their children.

“If a policeman pulls you over, turn on your interior lights. Don’t take your wallet. Keep your hands on the steering wheel. Imagine having to worry like that every time your child gets into a car,” he said.

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The mother of Tire Nichols, the unarmed black man killed by police in Memphis, was in attendance at the State of the Union address and told the president how she continues to find the courage to go on and speak out, Biden said.

“With faith in God, she said her son ‘was a beautiful soul and something good will come of it.’ Imagine how much courage and character that takes. It depends on us, on all of us. We all want the same thing. Violence-free neighborhoods. Law enforcement officers who earn the trust of the community. Just like every police officer, when he puts his badge on in the morning he has the right to be able to go home at night, just like everyone else outside. Our children have the right to return home safely,” Biden said.

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The president added, “Equal protection under the law is a covenant we have with each other in America. We know that police officers put their lives on the line every night and day and we know that we have asked them in many cases to do too much, counselors, social workers, cycling ecologists responding to mental health crises and much more, in a sense we demand a lot of them.”

“I know that most police officers and their families are good, decent, honorable people, the vast majority,” he said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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