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Johnson: Predicts difficult Turkey-Sweden-Finland NATO talks

THE Boris Johnson in statements he made to journalists on arrival in Madrid for his Summit NATOpredicted that the discussions would be particularly difficult Turkey, Sweden and Φινλανδίας for the accession of the last two to the Atlantic Alliance.

“Finland and Sweden, which subvert decades of historical neutrality, now they want to join us. “It will be a difficult discussion,” he said.

In fact, the meeting of the leaders of the above three countries started in Madrid a little earlier, in an attempt to lift the Turkish veto for the membership of the two Scandinavian countries in NATO, according to Swedish and Finnish officials.

This meeting takes place at the venues of the Alliance summit in the Spanish capital.

Turkey is blocking Sweden and Finland from joining NATO because it accuses them of hosting fighters from the Kurdish PKK, which it considers “terrorist”.

Source: News Beast

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