Jordan: Prince Hamza Says He “will Not Obey” Orders

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Jordanian Prince Hamza, accused of plotting against his half-brother King Abdullah II, said he would not obey orders, in an audio recording broadcast overnight from Sunday to Monday on Twitter. “Of course I will not obey (the orders of the Chief of Staff, General Youssef Huneiti) when he tells me that I am not allowed to go out, to tweet, to communicate with people and that I am only allowed to see my family, ”he says in this recording where he addresses an interlocutor by telephone.

On Saturday, the Chief of Staff went to Prince Hamza’s home to ask him to cease “all movements and activities aimed at the security and stability of Jordan”, but the meeting had gone badly, he said. Deputy Prime Minister Aymane Safadi said on Sunday. “I recorded the whole conversation and distributed it (…) Now I am waiting to see what will happen and what they will do. I don’t want to move, because I don’t want to make the situation worse, ”the prince said in his last recording.

Prince Hamza denies any plot

On Saturday, Prince Hamza announced that he had been “under house arrest” in his palace in Amman. In a video transmitted to the BBC by his lawyer, he claimed that the army chief of staff had told him that he was “not allowed to leave” his home. He denied having taken part in a conspiracy, accusing the Jordanian authorities of corruption and incompetence.

According to Aymane Safadi, two Jordanian personalities, Bassem Awadallah and Cherif Hassan ben Zaid, as well as 14 to 16 people were arrested as part of this attempt to “destabilize” the kingdom.

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