The US President has issued a decree prohibiting the Chinese mining company MineOne Partners Ltd from managing real estate near the Air Force base in Wyoming.

The base houses an arsenal of Minuteman nuclear ballistic missiles. In a decree from US President Joe Biden, published on the White House website, it is reported that a controlling stake in MineOne Partners Ltd belongs to the Chinese government. The company's activities threaten US national security, since the equipment located at the cryptocurrency mining site could potentially be used for espionage.

The text of the decree states that MineOne Partners Ltd must sell this site within four months and remove all equipment for cryptocurrency mining. In case of non-compliance, the company will be fined. Let us remind you that MineOne Partners Ltd, a company registered in the British Virgin Islands, has been mining in Wyoming since 2022.

The US President's order followed an investigation by the Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS), which revealed that MineOne Partners Ltd was expanding its business and installing new mining equipment. The Committee on Foreign Investment concluded that the company poses a threat to US national security.

Earlier, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson criticized the administration of US President Joe Biden for its concerted efforts to destroy the crypto industry in the United States.