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Main crypto events of this week

The sentencing of the developer of Tornado Cash, the publication of inflation data in the United States and the long-awaited launch of Notcoin (NOT) tokens – we talk about the main events of this week in one material.

Token unlocks – from May 14

The beginning of the week again pleases investors with a new portion of major unlocks, which the community always awaits with great interest.

The most notable will be the unlocking of 171 million Oasis Network (ROSE) tokens.

Verdict in the case of Alexey Pertsev – May 14

It is expected that this Tuesday the outcome of the case against Alexey Pertsev, one of the developers of the notorious cryptomixer Tornado Cash, will become known.

The Netherlands Anti-Crime Agency (FIOD) arrested Pertsev in Amsterdam after the US Treasury imposed sanctions against Tornado Cash. He was accused of sponsoring illicit financial flows and laundering more than $1.2 billion through Tornado. Dutch prosecutors requested a 64-month prison sentence for the accused.

The crypto community is closely monitoring the development of this case, as its outcome could set a precedent that threatens developers of privacy-focused software. Many influential cryptans sided with Pertsev: for example, he was supported by Edward Snowden and the team of the Coinbase crypto exchange.

US Inflation Data – May 15

This Wednesday, at 15:30 Moscow time, the United States will publish data on consumer inflation in the United States for the past April.

The CPI, or consumer price index, is the main measure of inflation for the US economy. It takes into account those products that consumers use every day and compares their prices from year to year.

It is expected that the April core CPI may decrease slightly – from 3.5% y/y a month earlier to 3.4% y/y in April. This is a fairly positive signal – it is believed that the higher the consumer price index in the US, the greater the pressure on the price of BTC.

NOT token launch – May 16

This Thursday will be a big day for the Web3 gaming project Notcoin and its NOT token. It is on this day that the official launch and listing of the new asset will take place.

Thus, on May 16, NOT will become available on such popular trading platforms as Binance, Bybit, OKX and Gate.io.

In addition, the token also integrates Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet built directly into the Telegram messenger. The wallet also announced a special bonus program in which they will distribute 1 billion NOT to Toncoin (TON) holders.

The project developers said that about 5% of NOT's supply will be distributed among more than 500,000 community members and exchange users.


Several important events await us this week: token unlocks and the long-awaited launch of the already popular Notcoin (NOT) token. All of them are capable of raising the mood of the crypto market.

Nevertheless, a verdict in the case of the Torndo Cash developer could dampen market sentiment. A sentence that is too harsh may cause the community to doubt the safety of working with anonymization tools on the market.

As always, traders and investors will have to keep a close eye on the US market this week as well. The publication of inflation data may cause a short-term outbreak of volatility.

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