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Juan José “Pepillo” Origel is hospitalized for a cardiac risk

This January 25, the famous journalist and show host Juan Jose Origelbetter known as “Pepillo”, worried and alarmed his Instagram followers and the general public by sharing a photograph from the hospital, where, apparently, he is hospitalized for heart problems.

Through an image of his chest and abdomen with various insulated cables connected, the 75-year-old Mexican presenter wrote in the description of the publication that this was his condition since January 24 and that he hopes that the use of a pacemaker. He even implied that by posting on his social networks, he will keep abreast of his health.

screenshot of a post where Pepillo Origel reports that he might need a pacemaker

I’ve been like this since yesterday, with this ‘holter’ that has to be there for 24 hours, the same as today at 4:00 pm Let’s hope to God that I don’t need a pacemaker. I’ll tell you!

Without giving further details about his condition, the former host of the program Ear made it clear that it was a heart condition, a situation that, apparently, keeps “Pepillo” himself worried about the possibility that doctors resort to implementing a pacemaker, a device that is commonly used in congenital heart disease, seizures cardiac or transplants.

photograph of television host Juan José Origel posing in what appears to be a cafeteria

It didn’t take long for his publication to be filled with comments and messages of concern from his colleagues in the media, who, in addition to questioning him about what was happening to him, took the opportunity to send him words of encouragement, since it is known that the driver is very loved in the entertainment world. .

After the news of his hospitalization, everyone is waiting for another publication in which Juan José Origel gives information about the state of his health and indicates how he feels, as well as the treatment he must follow for his full recovery.

Source: Okchicas

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