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Juliette has fun watching her boyfriend call his mother-in-law to get the dog out of bed

The singer Juliette, 34, used social media this Tuesday (9) to share a fun time with fans. In a video, she showed her boyfriend, Kaique Cerveny 25, afraid of her little dog, Cuscuz.

This is because Kaique tried to take the pet out of the ex-BBB’s bed at bedtime, but ended up getting scared when he was almost attacked. “That’s how you end up without lips,” joked Juliette when filming her boyfriend’s failed attempt.

“You’re not big enough to do that,” Kaique said, trying to calm the dog down. “Are you? Put your finger there,” Juliette warned. In addition to moving away from Cuscuz, the crossfit athlete called his mother-in-law, Fátima, to pick him up.

“A male that size is afraid of couscous,” said the singer with a laugh. Although she warned her mother about the dog’s unexpected reaction, Juliette was amused to see that Fátima had no difficulty getting the animal out of bed.

Juliette and Kaique confirmed their relationship in September 2023, although they had already been together for eight months. They met in 2019, when the singer decided to send a message to the crossfit athlete.

However, they both had other relationships and drifted apart. Years later, now single, she decided to get back together with Kaique and made their romance official.

Source: CNN Brasil

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