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Russia bans the independent Media “The Moscow Times” calling it undesirable

Independent Russian media outlet The Moscow Times has today been labeled “undesirable” in Russia, thus banned, the country’s attorney general’s office announced. The Moscow Times was founded in 1992, shortly after the collapse of the USSR, as an English-language newspaper. Later it also acquired an informative website in the Russian language. In November 2023, she was labeled a “foreign agent” and most of her associates were forced to leave the country. In Russia, associates of organizations labeled “undesirable” risk criminal prosecution. Some people have been fined simply for sharing articles or hyperlinks to organizations with that status, according to the Mediazona news website, which specializes in court cases and repression. The Moscow Times confirmed on its Telegram channel, which has around 100,000 subscribers, that it had been labeled an “undesirable organization”. Discredits foreign and domestic policy According to the attorney general’s office “the work (of the media) was aimed at discrediting the decisions of the leaders of Russia […]
Source: News Beast

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