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Robert Kiyosaki shared the secret of success

Bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki shared his formula for financial success from his book amid Bitcoin volatility.

According to “rich dad”, it does not depend on how “good the cards you were dealt” are, but on the ability to wisely manage their “unlucky combination”.

In the comments, most agreed with his recipe.

“Life’s challenges shape our strength and resilience. It’s how we adapt, strategize, and turn setbacks into comebacks that determines our true success. Thanks for the wisdom!” one user wrote.

In late June, in the context of the first cryptocurrency’s decline, Kiyosaki advised “most” to sell assets, meaning those trying to make money from trading. He compared his strategy to the approach of legendary investor Warren Buffett: “buy and hold forever.”

On July 4, digital gold quotes fell below $57,000 and then fell below $54,000. Kiyosaki called the price drop a good opportunity to buy. In his opinion, a multi-year bull market for bitcoin, gold, and silver will begin in late 2025. The first cryptocurrency will easily reach $10 million, the entrepreneur said.

In June, Kiyosaki predicted that the Bitcoin exchange rate would rise to $300,000 by August 25.

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