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June Spencer: Actress retires after 70 years of radio soap opera at age 103

The English woman actor June Rosalind Spencer, best known for her role as Peggy Woolesty in the BBC Radio 4 soap opera “The Archers”, is retiring after more than 70 years in that role, at the age of 103 yearsn.

It started in 1950 (pilot) until 1954 and from 1961 until 2022. She is the second longest-serving soap opera actress worldwide in any medium.

Her last appearance was a few days ago when she was discussing an order for a stained glass window with her two great-grandchildren.

In a statement, Spencer said it was “time” to retire. She reportedly recorded the latest new episodes from a special studio at her home in Surrey.

“In 1950 I helped plant an acorn. “It took root and in January 1951 it was planted and named ‘The Archers,'” Spencer said. “Over the years it thrived and became a wonderful big tree with many branches. But now the old branch, known as Peggy, has become weak and unsafe, so I decided it was time to ‘uproot’ it and cut it off.”.

Among the actress’ many fans is the Duchess of Cornwall, who last year invited her and her co-stars to Clarence House for the show’s 70th anniversary. He characterized her as “a true national treasure».

Spencer has been awarded the Star of the Order of the British Empire, and in June 2010 she was awarded the Freedom of the City of London.

Source: News Beast

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