Justice decrees preventive detention of Thiago Brennand

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The judge of the 6th Criminal Court of São Paulo, Erika Soares de Azevedo Mascarenhas, decreed the preventive detention of businessman Thiago Antonio Brennand Tavares da Sila Fernandes Vieira. Until last Friday (23) he should have handed in his passport in Juízo and confirmed his return to Brazil. He traveled to Dubai on the 4th and his whereabouts, until then, are unknown.

According to Mascarenhas’ decision on the 9th, if the businessman failed to comply with any of the precautionary determinations provided – which involve, in addition to returning to Brazil, approaching victims and the act of attending any academies throughout the national territory – he could have his preventive detention decreed.

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Brennand was caught by security cameras assaulting model Helena Gomes inside a gym in a mall in São Paulo. The case was revealed by Fantástico, from TV Globo and, since then, several other victims felt encouraged to denounce the businessman.

So far, ten women have already denounced him for the crimes of rape, threat, bodily harm and false imprisonment. They began to be heard by the Public Ministry of São Paulo this Monday (26). In addition to the cases of gender violence, Brennand is accused of assaulting a waiter at a restaurant inside the Porto Feliz condominium (about 35km from Sorocaba, in the interior of São Paulo).

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The report contacted lawyer Ricardo Sayeg who, for now, is representing the defense of businessman Thiago Brennand. However, he said he will not comment on the case for the time being.

Source: CNN Brasil

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