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K. Mitsotakis in Alexandroupolis: Inauguration of the Waste Treatment Unit and the new nursing home

K. Mitsotakis in Alexandroupolis: Inauguration of the Waste Treatment Unit and the new nursing home


“Our government prefers to speak with deeds and not with words. And as we complete the third year in the governance of the place in July, the projects for which we were committed are becoming a reality. And today the project we are launching is just a proof of how “Greece is changing, how Thrace is changing, how Evros is changing, how Alexandroupolis is changing”, stressed the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during the inauguration of the Waste Treatment Unit in Alexandroupolis.

“This place is endowed with incredible advantages but it needed a support from the State in order to escape from the stagnation and to fully develop its development potential. This is happening today, it is happening in Thrace, it is happening especially in Alexandroupolis, where it will not “It was an exaggeration to say that a development cosmogony is really taking place,” he added.

“Today, on the site of an old landfill, an integrated household waste treatment unit is being erected. It will receive, as the Periferiarch said, the waste of the four Municipalities of Rodopi and two Municipalities of Evros: Alexandroupolis and Soufli. It is a unit. with a capacity of 45,000 tonnes per year, of which 6,000 tonnes are pre-selected household waste, and I think we need to keep the following in mind: reducing by almost 60% the incoming volume of landfill, recovering 12% of of mixed waste -the useful materials that will be channeled later in the recycling- but of course the 40 new jobs that are created “, said Kyriakos Mitsotakis for the new unit.

Referring to the projects that have been done since 2019 in the field of waste treatment, the Prime Minister said: “I want to remind that in the country in the summer of 2019, when the Greek people trusted the government of the place in our government, there were only three units. Another five were built, but with the future financing of new units being completely uncertain.In less than three years the units that are operating are doubled, the units that are under construction are 11. We had to and must, finally, come off as “We are one of the last countries in Europe in recovery rates, burial rates. We now have the appropriate institutional framework, we have a national waste management plan which incorporates all the relevant European directives.”

The Prime Minister earlier visited the construction site for the construction of the Eastern Ring Road of Alexandroupolis, which will achieve easy channeling of traffic through and to the port of the city, the airport “Demokritos”, the city of Komotini, Egnatia and Egnatia. that the urban fabric will not be burdened.

The aim is to substantially upgrade the infrastructure of Alexandroupolis at a time when the city and wider northern Greece are gaining a much more important imprint on the energy and trade map. In addition to the Ring Road, the project includes the construction of a connecting branch with the port as well as the construction of a junction connecting with the Egnatia Odos, facilitating the connection of the city with critical infrastructure.

The project is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2023, having been auctioned and contracted at a rapid pace in the second half of 2021. At the same time, the tender for the railway connection of Alexandroupolis with Ormenio and Bulgaria is underway.

The Prime Minister also attended the inauguration of the new, modern facilities of the New Ioakeimio Nursing Home, in the presence of the Archbishop of Athens Ieronymos. Kyriakos Mitsotakis had the opportunity to talk to seniors who are hosted at the institution and staff members, who congratulated them on their work.

Ioakeimeio Nursing Home of Alexandroupolis is a historical institution with a long-term offer in the city. It has been operating in the area since 1961, when it was erected by the then Metropolitan of Alexandroupolis Ioakeim Kaviris. Its purpose is the medical care, the provision of housing, the protection, the feeding and the general maintenance of the elderly who come mainly from the prefecture of Evros.

The events were attended by the Minister of Environment and Energy Costas Skrekas, the Undersecretary for Welfare and Social Solidarity Domna Michailidou, the Undersecretary of Infrastructure George Karagiannis, the Undersecretary for Affairs of Macedonia – Thrace Stavros Gravas from Stavros Karalas Of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Christos Metios, the Evros MPs of New Democracy Tassos Dimoschakis, Christos Dermentzopoulos and Stavros Keletsis, the Kavala MP of ND Makarios Lazaridis, the Xanthi MP of ND Spiros Dzilvas Zilvis , the Mayor of Xanthi and President of the waste management body DIAAMATH, Manolis Tsepelis, and the Governor of EOPYY Theano Karpodini.

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