Kim Kardashian this time is Marilyn Monroe, the dress is the same from 1962

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For many it was difficult to get over the look total black Balenciaga haute couture last year, or at least astounding in the same way. Yet that genius of Kim Kardashian once again manages to surpass himself by retrieving one of the most iconic clothes in American history, the same one he wore Marilyn Monroe while he sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


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1962, precisely on May 19 at Madison Square Garden, 10 days after the birthday of 35th president of the United States. There are those who say it brings bad luck to make wishes ahead of time but JFK he must not have thought that when he saw it on stage Marilyn give life to one of the singing performances that have become part of the stars and stripes history. A happy birthday whispered, sensual, provocative as only the Oscar-winning actress could do, so much so that the president himself in the end said: “After hearing such sweet greetings, I can also retire from politics“.

Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy. Getty photo.


And yet, to make that performance even more unforgettable, the dress was thought to make it even more unforgettable Jean Louis from the mermaid line and adorned from beyond 6,000 crystals. Tailor-made to enhance Marilyn’s silhouette, the dress is considered the nude-dress par excellence and is the same as Kim decided to splurge for the Met Gala of 2022, becoming the only person to have worn it after the disappearance of the actress.

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“I asked myself ‘What’s the most American thing possible?’ and she turned out to be Marilyn Monroe. ‘ This is how the idea of ​​wearing what is considered the most expensive dress ever – bought in 2016 by the Museum – was born Ripley’s Believe or Not! of Orlando, Florida for ben 4.81 million dollars.

Marilyn Monroe’s Jean Louis dress

Getty Images

Was it simple? absolutely not… since, as Kim confided, she had to lose 7 kilos to be able to get into the dress, so much so that his participation was in the balance until the last second for this very reason.

In addition to the dress, to add an even more unique touch, the founder of SKIMS he also thought of dye your hair to get the same shade of blonde as Marilyn and it only took – so to speak – 14 hours.

Kim Kardashian in the Marilyn Monroe dress


A lot of work, a lot of dedication and a lot of stubbornness – a gift that goes well with the personality of Kim. All to give a moment of real amazement on the red caret of Met Gala. A little sorry for the companion Pete Davidsonbut when Kim he decides to amaze he does so in a sublime way. “Happy Birthday Mr. PresidetAgain, again and again.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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