Kabir Bedi, “Once upon a time there was Sandokan”

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Come in Stories I have to tell you, his autobiography just published by Mondadori, Kabir Bedi here he talks about himself, starting from his great loves (he married four times): “For me love is fundamental, it has been central to my whole life and each woman has represented a different aspect of me, a different phase” .

An emotional story, which does not want to retrace only the cinema and television successes and does not neglect the darkest shadows of his life, such as the death of the son Siddharth, who unfortunately suffered from schizophrenia: «And I will never be able to forgive myself for not having been able to prevent his suicide. For me it is the greatest failure of my existence ».

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Talk about ups and downs and how one life can have so many different experiences.

Today he lives in India, but he is very attached to Italy, where he lived for a few years and where he collected great professional successes: the drama Sandokan of the Seventies, directed by Sergio Sollima, where Kabir was the protagonist, made him a real celebrity in our country.

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And now what effect will seeing the new Sandokan with the face of Can Yaman have? “I believe that he is a great actor and that he will do an excellent performance: for me that character was part of the person I am today.”

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