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Kanye West blocks a street in Florence to photograph his partner Bianca Censori. And it’s not the first oddity

It’s been at least a month since Kanye West and his partner Bianca Censori are using Italy as a stage to make people talk about themselves, and things seem to have gotten out of hand. And so, after the controversy generated in Venice complete with a restrictive order by a motorboat company in the lagoon, now it is the turn of Florencea city in which Kanye and Bianca now seem to have taken root between nibbling ice creams in the center and taking walks with she super-undressed and he super-covered. The latest extravaganza took place on September 22, when Kanye West, wrapped in that same black veil that is impossible not to associate with the Balenciaga suit sported by his ex-wife Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala, he decided to block a street in the city to be able to photograph his partner at a certain distance.

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The scene, of course, drew one crowd of curious people who decided to leave it to Kanye West while appearing behind Bianca Censori in the rapper’s shots. Despite this small incident, the couple, now in official uniform, given that Censors’ favorite outfit now seems alone a tight-fitting, flesh-colored jumpsuit, she did not appear disturbed by the attention that onlookers paid her. On the contrary, West wanted to take a series of photos of her partner, taking advantage of the fact that there were a large number of people behind her. West is in Florence to record his eleventh solo album, in a location that many have identified with the Four Season Hotel, which would have made an entire wing of the hotel available to the artist and his entourage.

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In the meantime, however, the oddities continue. Like the fact that Kanye West and Bianca Censori have decided to crashing the wedding of a Florentine couple: Kanye – or Ye as he said he wanted to be called from now on – nonchalantly entered the church that was hosting the religious function and then approached the bride and groom, introduced himself and posed with them for the ritual photos . Certainly a ceremony to remember, even if this braggadocio and this carelessness of labels are making not only the foreign media suspicious, but also the Italian ones.

Source: Vanity Fair

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