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Julia Roberts in Milan at Gucci reminds us that scandals are not needed to become immortal

Few certainties survive in Hollywood in these dark times in which the tug-of-war between the studios and the star system still seems to be at sea, and the smile of Julia Roberts it’s one of them. Regardless of the passing time, of the roles that are becoming increasingly rarer and of projects – let’s face it – not quite as good as Ticket to Paradise, Julia Roberts seems to be moving beyond all of this to enjoy her age and continue to be who she has always been: a girl from Cobb County who never made a fuss about appearing at all costs but who, at the same time, never denied a smile to anyone who asked her. Regardless of the rule that advises famous faces to maintain an expression as statuesque and immobile as possible so as not to encourage wrinkles, Julia plays her game without caring about conventions. At the front row of the fashion show Guccithe first under the artistic direction of Saturday De Sarno after the controversial farewell of Alessandro Michele, the actress showed up in a simple outfit – a clean and elegant mouse gray suit -, her hair soft and fluffy and, it goes without saying, the smile alwayscapable of making not only the photographers who came to take her photo capitulate but also the public who never considered her a diva who got too big in her head.

Julia Roberts at the Ancora Gucci fashion showVittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Unlike many colleagues who, after success and millionaire salaries, have gradually lost contact with reality, often sinning of presumption and building reputations around themselves that are anything but noble, Julia Roberts has always flown high on all this. She has never had the urge to appear at social events, she has never needed to wear who knows what creation to remain imprinted in people’s hearts – with the exception of the wonderful Valentino dress shown off at the 2001 Oscar ceremony, when she collected the statuette. For Erin Brockovich by Steven Soderbergh – e she never gave the impression of putting who knows what wall between her and the fans. Even at a fashion show in Milan, Julia Roberts wants us to know that she is one of us, a 55-year-old woman who has cleverly stayed away from any scandal. Despite a fairly full love life – between Dylan McDermott met on the set of Steel FlowersMatthew Perry, first husband Lyle Lovett and second Daniel Moderwith whom she had three children – Julia has always remained down to earth, choosing to keep a low profile.

Ryan Gosling and Julia RobertsWWD/Getty Images

There where many would have overdone it, Julia has chosen the path of discretion, choosing over time to reduce her commitments to the cinema and to concentrate on high-level advertising campaigns and, above all, on a philanthropic activity to which she has always dedicated herself with great dedication. She never regretted anything, he has never made inappropriate or inappropriate statements – also thanks to her willingness to open an Instagram profile much later than others and, above all, to use it wisely, often making use of the advice and help of her niece Emma Roberts – and she has always given the impression of enjoying the fortunes that he gave her life without forgetting where she came from. From that suburb of Atlanta that has always been a bit narrow for herfrom her initial dream of becoming a veterinarian and the drive to become an actress that took her to New York, on the run from an abusive stepfather, Julia Roberts has always demonstrated gratitude and an important work ethic, winning our hearts to the point that no We would be surprised if he accepted our invitation to dinner immediately after a flash session with Ryan Gosling.

Source: Vanity Fair

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