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Kardak Group: 27 years of mystery over the fate of the Turkish commandos in Imia

A few days before the 27th anniversary of the Imia crisis in 1996, which “hurt” Greece and provokes stormy debates even today, Newsbeast opens one of the most mysterious chapters of this history: what, if anything, happened to the Turks commandos (also known as the Kardak group) found on the large rock island of the Imian complex? What has been said and written over the years is enough to fill an entire book with “conspiracy theories”, with the Turkish media feeding the mill of these theories… A helicopter crash of the Turkish armed forces, almost 15 days after the crisis of Imia, gave rise to the first conspiracy theories about the fate of the 12 Turkish commandos who landed on the rocky island. The calendar shows February 15, 1996 and the S-70A Black Hawk helicopter, in which 14 people have boarded along with the crew in the cockpit, crashes near Izmir and specifically inside the “Aksaz” naval station. The […]
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