Kate Middleton and the art of calming her children (even in public)

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All always composed or almost. The images depicting the children of Kate Middleton mostly they show us three quiet children. Or, in any case, a mother who is perfectly capable of calm down e put them back in line even in the midst of public occasions. And (this is the beauty) without giving in to no moments of hysteria or embarrassment. In conclusion, without style lapses. Based on what transpires from several photos, often the Duchess of Cambridge that’s enough to watch her children to calm them down. Other times, however, he gets along very well picking them up or again, lowering to interact with them from “Same height”. And stop. End of tantrums, end of tears, end of the moment no.

Royal talent incomparable, that of mother Kate, or skills you can learn and pull out, if necessary, even with your children? We talked about it with Tiziana Cristofari, pedagogist From Rome.

In your opinion, how does a mother of three young children like Kate Middleton (George is 7; Charlotte, 5 and Louis, 2) so often give the impression that she can manage her children even on public occasions?
“Certainly, this is not a facade skill. The way any mother manages to calm her children in front of others is mirror how that mom manages to calm her children in private. Therefore, returning to Kate Middleton, what we can assume – based on the photos that portray her so often able to restore her children to calm or composure – is that she is a mother capable of reassure The hold off his children first of all in his private life. That is away from the spotlight. In short, the ability to know how to manage the whims of children it’s an upstream skill. Either you always have it and therefore “also” in front of others, or you don’t have it at all. “

What could be the ingredient behind Mom Kate’s skill?
«First of all, the impression is that of being in front of one “serene” mother. And the more a mom appears serene the more she will be able to convey serenity to his children. What does the serenity of children have to do with the talk of whims? A serene child is a child who, in case of critical situations, it will calm down more easily and more quickly compared to a child accustomed to breathing “tensions” or interacting with more anxious parents. “

Then? What other ingredients can we hypothesize?
“Probably, in the case of Kate Middleton, we are faced with a mother who, over time, has managed to build an excellent bond with her children. A “Deep connection”, which can afford to re-establish even outside the home and also, in fact, with a simple one look. Or by approaching his children when they are in the throes of critical moments. Here, the fact that she often, to calm them, picks them up, drops to their level or kneels in front of them to talk to them, are not insignificant choices. They are great systems for “Re-establish” the connection with them. In critical situations, it helps a lot getting down per position yourself at the same level of your child. It is like making him understand that we do not judge him from the height of our height and our experience. It means getting him all our desire to understand what happened to him and what he’s feeling. It means getting him out of the critical moment with ours empathy, rather than with a severe or angry reaction. “

So, one thing “not to do” when faced with a child’s whims is to react in a severe or angry way?
“Exact. What can always help a parent in these cases is the don’t lose your temper. I realize that sometimes it is really difficult. However, even in the most difficult cases, what can help a lot is strive not to lose control. Both so as not to precipitate the situation (our anger, in those cases, can feed that of our child rather than “extinguish it”) and because the key to getting out of such moments lies in the ability to re-establish a communication thread with your child “.

In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge and your husband William they look like two parents well disposed to dialogue. So much so that, in case of misdeeds by their children, they prefer sit on the sofa and talk with them about what happened rather than making them reflect in silence. In short, to the classic “naughty step”, the royal couple prefer the method “Chat Sofa”. So, at least, a source would have revealed to the “Sun”. Therefore, dear mothers and fathers looking for “tips” on how to calm your little ones in the most difficult moments, try to be inspired by the techniques used by the Duchess of Cambridge. And good luck.

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