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Kate Middleton hair: the electric brush to recreate her Charlie’s Angels look

Kate Middleton and her hair? A dream. Although we often wonder if the women of the royal family don’t want to break away from royal protocol and do something rebellious with their beauty look in addition to wearing the usual spectacular chignon. And by rebellious we don’t mean blue hair, tattoos or three-dimensional nail art; we mean anything that goes even just a centimeter outside the straight and narrow lines they stick to. Does the Princess of Wales ever feel like wearing black nail polish? To dye your hair blonde? To wear bright pink lipstick? It’s hard to say, but after seeing Kate Middleton with hair brand new at an event in England a few days ago, we think it’s safe to assume that she’s now willing to style her classic hair in a trendier way every now and then.

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The Princess of Wales visited a charity called Sebby’s Corner, as part of supporting the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood to families with small children. She wore a dark brown ribbed turtleneck tucked into a belted brown midi skirt that fell over thigh-high boots. As is often the case in Middleton’s informal public appearances, she wore her very long, golden-brown hair with a hint of loose curls, but this time there was something different.

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Revlon One Step Volumiser Plus

We know that sweet Kate Middleton recently took inspiration from retro hair icons like Brigitte Bardot and Farah Fawcett with her curtain bangs, but with the latest hairstyle she really went all out Charlie’s Angels. Parted slightly off-center, her hair was wind-dried with upturned ends and pulled away from her face with open, voluminous locks, just like the hairstyles that were popular in the ’70s. The look made a comeback a couple of years ago and now it seems the trend has been accepted, embraced and executed within the confines of actual beauty parameters.
We don’t know if the princess uses it, but for those who want to achieve this look, the brush Revlon One-Step Volumizer It’s always a great problem solving choice. Nothing makes styling easier flipped out of this brush which has now become a must for butterfly effect hairstyles. Maybe she doesn’t have a royal mandate of appointment, but she is certainly among the most loved on social media and in the surrounding area.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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