Kate Moss will testify in the trial of Johnny Depp; His statement of hers could define everything!

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In accordance with media Americans, citing sources close to Johnny Depp, supermodel Kate Moss, Depp’s partner in the 1990s, will testify this Wednesday in the notorious defamation lawsuit filed by the actor against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

The British supermodel, who was in a relationship with the star of the saga Pirates of the Caribbean Between 1994 and 1997, she was called to testify for the defense of Johnny Depp. According to the newspaper new york post, Moss will testify via live video link from California.

Why will Kate Moss testify?

Amber Heard/Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

During her statement on May 5, Amber Heard claimed that her ex-husband was violent towards British model Kate Moss. Heard testified that he punched Depp in the face during a fight involving the actress’s sister, Whitney, fearing he would throw her down the stairs, in the spring of 2015. Describing the incident, Heard justified physical assault on the actor. for an alleged rumor that Depp had pushed Moss down a ladder:

Amber Heard quoting Kate Moss during the trial

I don’t doubt, I don’t hope. I just, in my head, instantly think of Kate Moss and the stairs, and I took a swing at her.

– Amber Heard

During cross-examination on May 17, Depp’s defense asked Heard to explain his reference to Moss:

Lawyer: You thought I was going to knock your sister down the stairs like I had knocked Kate Moss, right?

Heard: I heard a rumor, a big rumor about it.

Johnny Depp/Amber Heard

While past issues and relationships normally cannot be discussed because they are not relevant to the case, the fact that Heard mentioned Kate Moss’s name during her affidavit means that the said incident can also be discussed in court. court.

Depp and his team were delighted after the star of Diary of a seducer mentioned Moss’s name, even the video showing the moment went viral. By calling Moss as a witness, Depp’s legal team may attempt to use her testimony to undermine Heard’s credibility by providing an alternative narrative about how she has treated her previous partners.

Because the case is a defamation lawsuit, for Depp to come out on top at trial, jurors must believe that each and every one of Amber Heard’s accusations are lies. Moss’ statement, just before the end of the trial, is important enough to influence the jury’s final decision.


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