Kazakhstan: Explosion in a coal mine with 4 dead and 4 injured

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Coal mine explosion in Central Kazakhstan caused the death of 4 people and the injury of as many others, the Ministry of Emergency Situations announced today.

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“In Shakhtinsk, at the Lenin mine, owned by ArcelorMittal, sudden gas release during drainage well drilling resulted in the death of four workers,” ministry spokesman Ruslan Imankulov told AFP.

According to the same others “four workers are hospitalized, one is still being sought and 106 were evacuated» from the mine.

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The governor of the Karaganda region, an industrial center rich in raw materials, went to the scene of the accident, his spokesman said, adding that the police had begun an investigation.

Kazakhstan, a former Soviet republic, the largest economy in Central Asia, has large deposits of oil, gas, as well as uranium, manganese, iron, chromium and coal, APE-MPE reports, citing Agence France-Presse. Accidents in mines and mining are quite frequent in the country, due to the aging infrastructuremany of which date back to the Soviet era and due to the often poor adherence to safety regulations.

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Source: News Beast

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