Keeping silent was an act of omission, says victim of homophobia who sued drugstore chain

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Advertiser Galileu Nogueira decided to sue a drugstore chain after suffering homophobia due to a registration made in São Paulo.

He normally received e-mails and correspondence with information, but after a while they were addressed to “Gayileu”. “At first I thought it was a typo, but it had been an intentional exchange for a bad joke between employees,” he said, in an interview with CNN Radio in the board CNN no Plural+ .

From that, he took two actions. He contacted the network’s ethics channel, which took three months to respond. She admitted that the exchange took place, regretted what had happened and said that actions were taken – without specifying what they had been.

The return was not enough for Galileo, who decided to go to court after consulting a lawyer friend. A year and a half later, he was compensated in the amount of 40 thousand reais.

“We suffer so much prejudice in childhood and adolescence, that a simple name change seems trivial, I wanted to believe it was a typo, but I decided that keeping silent was an act of omission”, he reinforced.

Even so, he said that there was fear, as he would go through the exposure process. “Having your sexuality put on the agenda is difficult, your family is watching, all this would be an implication in the process, but I knew I had to create a precedent for others not to keep silent, sexual orientation cannot be a joke.”

Galileo believes that advances against LGBTphobia continue at a slow pace. “We still see homophobic jokes, it is absurd, the company needs to profit and cannot play with customers, a process like this becomes an issue, I believe it will only have speed when LGBT people occupy spaces of decision and leadership.”

To help with this process, the publicist allocated the money earned in the process to scholarships for LGBT people in the communication business.

Source: CNN Brasil

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