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Kemal Kilicdaroglu: Hundreds of lawsuits over the PKK video – He calls Erdogan a fraud

His lawyer Kemal Kilicdaroglucandidate of her alliance Turkish opposition on presidential elections – the second round of which takes place on Sunday – filed lawsuits for a propaganda video that suggests its creator has ties to the outlawed armed Kurdish separatist movement the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)an organization that Turkey, the US and the EU characterize as “terrorist”, he said to the German Agency on Tuesday.

“We filed hundreds of lawsuits at the Ankara Prosecutor’s Office for defamation, defamation and misinformation”pointed out by phone Celal Celik, Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s lawyer.

The opposition demands that those who created and spread “these lies” through social networking sites be held accountable, Mr. Celik added, laying the blame on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s entourage.

The outgoing head of state is considered the favorite to face the opposition candidate in the second round of the contest.

During many of Mr. Erdogan’s campaign speeches, a video showing Mr Kilicdaroglu and then, among others, a PKK member singing the CHP campaign song has been shown.

Even if it is a “edit”, there are videos showing the PKK supporting its rival, Mr Erdogan claimed during his television interview last Monday night, without presenting any proof or becoming more specific.

Mr. Erdogan “confessed” his “slander”, was the reaction of Mr. Kilicdaroglu yesterday Tuesday in Hatay Province. He called his opponent a “fraudster”.

“It’s not a montage, it’s true”countered Fahrettin Altun, Mr. Erdogan’s communications director, via Twitter.

The Turkish president claims that the pro-Kurdish HDP party’s support for Mr. Kilicdaroglu shows that the PKK is in favor of him. Mr Erdogan and his far-right nationalist allies label the HDP the political arm of the PKK; the party is under threat of being outlawed over the charge. Although the People’s Democracy Party itself has been denying for years that it has any connection with the armed Kurdish separatist movement.

Source: News Beast

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