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The alert for volcanic activity in Mexico continues and users make memes

For a few days, the Popocatépetl volcano has registered a lot of activity. In fact, on May 17, the monitoring systems detected two explosions and from them, the increase in activity has positioned it at the Volcanic Alert Traffic Light in Amarillo Phase 3, so the volcano continues to be constantly monitored.

According to the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA), 7,275 elements will be deployed to be in charge of surveillance and monitoring of “Don Goyo”, as he is commonly known, to evacuate the population if necessary.

popocatépetl explosion

We have 7275 elements for evacuation routes. And today the Secretary of Defense is going to supervise, we agreed on that: the installation of shelters, the revision of roads for quick evacuations if necessary, this is the plan.

In addition to this, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reported that SEDENA will carry out a tour of Puebla with the aim of preventing any situation that occurs with volcanic activity and that puts the lives of the inhabitants at risk.

popocatépetl explosion

On the other hand, the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection of Mexico City reported that due to the wind forecast, the movement of volcanic ash is expected to be to the east-southeast, therefore the waste fall in Mexico City. However, even as the volcano is kept under constant surveillance, the authorities have invited the nearby population of the mountain to remain vigilant.

However, due to the current situation of Popocatépetl, which has caused flights and some outdoor activities to be suspended, some users of social networks were quick to make fun of this and, like good Mexicans, there are many creative memes. which we leave below for your delight.

1. It is that it does scare us a little

comparative meme of how we see the volcano

2. I don’t know if we actually laugh out of fear

3. It’s not his fault

volcano cat claim meme

4. “What? How not?”

spongebob meme by volcanic explosion

5. Mexico and its sense of humor

mermaid meme by volcano memes

6. When we were finally calm, Popocatépetl woke up

meme let's die for volcano

7. Like an Aztec warrior

meme that you want to be the Popocatépetl

8. Do not go out if it is not necessary

meme of a person who goes to the oxxo with volcanic ash

9. Hopefully the warrior controls himself

meme push through the volcano

10. Put it in rice

volcano meme that vomited

Source: Okchicas

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