Kevin McCarthy elected Speaker of the US House after days of negotiations and failed votes

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Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the United States House in the early hours of the morning of this Saturday (7) – a great victory for the Republican of California, which elevates him to a powerful position leading the majority of the Republican Party in the House and a result that followed days of painstaking negotiations and failed votes.

To secure the result, McCarthy had to defeat opposition from a bloc of hardline conservatives in what became the longest running race in 164 years.

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To win over critics, McCarthy and his allies made a series of concessions to conservatives — a move that frustrated moderates, who worried that the concessions could make it harder for the new Republican majority to govern effectively.

As Republicans turn their attention to implementing their agenda, McCarthy’s struggle to secure votes could serve as a preview of the kind of challenges he will face as he tries to unite his membership in the future.

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The deal McCarthy was involved in also looks set to leave him with a weaker hand to play in his new position of authority, although the California Republican has disputed that idea.

The election of the president unfolded over a series of days – starting on the first day of the 118th Congress – and highlighted divisions between conservatives and moderates.

The final hours before McCarthy was elected were punctuated by chaotic and tense moments on the House floor, with lawmakers on the edge of their seats waiting to see how a handful of remaining holdouts would vote.

Several leading Republicans expressed confidence that McCarthy could win in the 14th round of voting, but he ultimately fell short.

That result threw the House into disarray and prompted Republicans to move to adjourn. At the last moment, however, the Republicans changed their votes to be able to move to a 15th ballot – and in that round of voting, McCarthy finally won.

Source: CNN Brasil

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