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kha! Rumor arises that Florinda Meza will sue Shakira for plagiarizing ‘El Chavo del 8’

In recent days, the rumor of a possible lawsuit that the Mexican actress Florinda Meza would bring to the singer Shakira. Surely you are wondering what would be the reason or the relationship between the two? Well here we tell you.

Although it is a fake newsrecently a video began to circulate in which they claimed that the 73-year-old actress would sue the Colombian singer for allegedly plagiarizing the steps of Chavo del 8 in her most recent duet success with Rauw Alejandro, Congratulations.

Comparative image of Shakira with the guy from the eight doing the garrotera

However, despite the falsity and little consistency of the statements that Florinda Meza gives in the video, since they are fragments of past interviews, many people came to believe in the note.

Under the text “Florinda Meza will sue Shakira for plagiarism in the footsteps of Chavo”, the video uses different interview shots from various media outlets that make us believe that the actress is upset that the interpreter of those of intuition deliberately steal the movements of the famous “garrotera” that he gave to the character of Chavo in the television series.

The news did not take long to turn the entire Internet, where countless users identified the note as false, but, in turn, shared some videos of accusations about plagiarized songs that Shakira had to face.

In the shared recordings of non-original songs performed by Piqué’s ex, there are Hips don’t lielaunched in 2005, waka wakafrom 2010, Crazyfrom 2010, and the bikefrom 2017, which are compared to their original version released years before.

On TikTok, the comments on the video were immediate, in which the majority did not believe at all what the recordings of the interpreter of La Chimoltrufia mentioned, while a few others did fall into the trap and mentioned that it was not a big deal and that besides, the movements were nothing alike.

Source: Okchicas

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