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Kikilias: The contribution of tourism to the development of the country is important

“The forecasts from the European Commission speak of 7.1% growth for our country for 2021 and 5.2% for 2022. The calculation made by the Ministry of Finance for tourism revenues in 2021 was initially the amount of So when we still have a significant tourism product in the country and I think we are heading towards tourism revenues close to 12 billion, then you understand that Greek tourism has contributed significantly to the development of the country in 2021, as well as to new “, better quality jobs, along of course with the investment efforts, but also the strengthening of infrastructures and networks in our heavy industry”, said the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, speaking to SKAI 100.3.

“Everything shows that with hard work and a lot of effort, we can achieve even more and send a much stronger message in 2022. Without wanting to rush, the forecasts for 2022, based on the agreements we sign with the major airlines and tour operators around the world, are very strong compared to 2019. I see that bookings in October this year for the summer of 2022, is 30% higher than it was in October 2018 for the summer of 2019 – “I remind you of before the coronavirus and the crisis,” the minister added.

We take initiatives to support the business world

“I want to emphasize that the sectors of trade, retail, health stores and manufacturing are strongly related to tourism and are mainly” flourishing “in tourist areas.

We are in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce and the Chambers of Commerce, we are preparing promotions to support the commercial world and to see how we can further strengthen the income of traders. This is the job of tourism “, added Vas. Kikilias.

Pan-army of people of tourism and trade to be ready in the spring of 2022

At the same time, the Minister of Tourism stressed that “The agreements we have signed speak for summer in spring this year in Greece. We must be ready in March, April 1, most airlines will bring people.

And we will be ready, because I see a pan-army of people of tourism and trade. “I see that all tourism professionals are investing in their businesses, they want to hire more people and they will be ready in the spring.”

We will have tourism in the winter as well

“Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we have the Athens Marathon. It is an important signal for Athens, for our hotels, for their capacity, people have come to the city. We aspire in cooperation with the Municipality of Athens and the Attica Region and in other promotions that will cover the time from now until the Easter of the Catholics and the Easter of the Orthodox.

Yes, we will have tourism in the winter, we will campaign with EOT for the city break in Athens, Thessaloniki and the other cities, but also for the countryside and all the Regions.

We have beautiful destinations, Regions, villages, we have mountaineering tourism, religious tourism, gastronomic tourism, wine tourism, we have nightlife, we have a commercial community and all this must be “enlightened” and travelers must learn and come to the country.

“Of course, the goal is for Greece to become a 12-month destination and that is why we are working hard,” the Minister of Tourism concluded.


Source From: Capital

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