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Kim Jong-un left Russia ‘loaded’ – gifts included drones, fur hats and… armor

The Kremlin’s position that there has not been any trade deal – at the arms level – between the US and its allies may still be contested. Kim Jong Un and the president Vladimir Putin during the former’s visit to Russia in the previous days, but the truth is that o North Korean leader he did not leave the country empty-handed.

The gifts he received from Russian officials there were many and some of great importance as the two countries attempt to put aside the mistrust that has dominated their relationship for the past few years and move to the next level… of tightening their ties.

Initially, according to the Reuters news agency, the governor of the Primorsky region, Oleg Kozemiako, presented the North Korean leader with a “set of modern, light armor” designed for “offensive operations” protecting the chest, shoulders, neck and groin, Russian media reported.

After meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un received a ‘highest quality’ Russian rifleaccording to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, while Putin, according to Russian news agency TASS, gave his guest a glove from a spacesuit worn by an astronaut.

In Vladivostok, where Kim Jong Un inspected Russian nuclear bombers, fighter jets equipped with hypersonic missiles and a warship, received a fur hat as a gift from Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The hat “it was the right size, it was a gift from the heart and Comrade Kim Jong Un liked it” said Russia’s ambassador to Pyongyang, Alexander Matzegora.

Violation of UN resolutions

The North Korean leader he also received as gifts 5 one-way attack drones as well as a Geranium-25 reconnaissance, which is widely used in the war in Ukraine, according to TASS and which violates at least two UN Security Council resolutions against North Korea, approved and from Moscow.

All the items the Russians gave to Kim Jong-un during his visit to the country will be displayed at the “Friendship” Museum in the hills of Mt. Myohyangsan, 160 kilometers from the capital, where the gifts received by the three generations of its leaders are kept. of North Korea, during their rare trips abroad.

The range and importance of the collections it houses make it comparable to the Louvre, according to North Korean state media.

Source: News Beast

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