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Croatia: Abandoning pets will result in up to a prison sentence

The abandonment animals – pets and other domestic animals – in Croatian will soon become a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment up to one year.

The new bill is part of the new package of changes to the Criminal Code, for which the working group of the Ministry of Justice and Administration has been working for a year, while until now it was in the background, so it was not publicly discussed earlier.

From the documents of the working group working on the new law, it is clear that the Ministry has decided that in this package of changes an attempt will be made to strengthen the protection of animals, so animal abandonment will be treated as a criminal offense.

It is the first time in Croatia that the abandonment of animals is treated as a criminal offense that can lead to a prison sentence. It is currently an integral part of the Animal Protection Act, for which a fine of up to 4,000 euros is provided.

In addition to the new criminal offence, the Ministry of Justice and Administration plans to take an additional step to strengthen the criminal protection of animals, so it proposes to increase prison sentences for killing or torturing animals.

The proposal emphasizes that a person who kills an animal without just cause or ill-treats it, causes it unnecessary pain or exposes it to suffering, will be punished with imprisonment of up to two years (currently the sentence is up to one year) and if the criminal offense is committed for personal gain, a prison sentence of up to three years is proposed, instead of the current two years.

Source: News Beast

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