Home Entertainment Kim Kardashian and Pate Davidson end their relationship after 9 intense months

Kim Kardashian and Pate Davidson end their relationship after 9 intense months

Kim Kardashian and Pate Davidson end their relationship after 9 intense months

A close source confirmed to CNN that after nine months Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson ended their relationship; and apparently they did it on amicable terms due to distance and schedules.

According to the source, the distance has been tough for them and things have started to fade as Pete has been away for a long time, while Kim is also doing well and busy; so both are always busy.

In a responsibly affective way, both decided to put an end to the relationship, remaining as good friends, since the love and respect they feel for each other still remains; it was the distance and the demanding schedules that made it difficult to continue together.

Their romance started after she was a guest on the show Saturday night Live in October of last year, and some time later they were seen holding hands when they were walking in an amusement park.

In an episode of Hulu, Kim confessed how things turned out, because after doing a scene on that show, where they kissed, she asked the SNL producer for Pete’s number and then she sent him a text message, without think about having a relationship with him; things just happened genuinely.

And although everything was going well, it has been confirmed that today they just want to be friends; which is nice to know, since as we will remember, Kim has not gone through easy breakups. The clear example is the one that she lived with her ex-husband Kanye West, with whom she not only shared seven years of marriage and four children in common; Both wanted to continue, however, at a certain point Kim confessed that their relationship was stagnant, because they wanted different things and had other plans.

This situation made her feel terrible and she even confessed that she felt like a failure because of the breakup. But it was from this that she recognized that the different plans and the distances that also existed between the two were something that she simply cannot live with.

I always thought that I could stay with my children and that my husband would move from one state to another, but then I realized that no, I hadn’t come this far to not be happy.

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