“Kim Kardashian of the world of cats” attracts tourists to Polish city

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Cat lovers are heading to the Polish city of Szczecin to check out Gacek, a chubby black and white feline who has become an internet sensation.

The cat is sometimes found on a blanket in a small open wooden box, made by its owner, where it has lived for more than ten years on Kaszubska Street. His house became the top rated attraction in Szczecin on Google Maps.

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After receiving dozens of five-star reviews, the “Kot Gacek” (Gacek the cat) location on the map, near a shop that sells bags emblazoned with the cat’s face, has beaten locations like a Renaissance castle for the top spot.

“Gacek is the Kim Kardashian of the cat world,” said Karolina Nowak, official TikTok account manager for the Western Pomerania region, where Szczecin is located, @pomorzezachodnie. “Tourists only started looking for it because it gained popularity on the Internet.”

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Szymon Maksymiuk, who works for a tourist information center in Szczecin, said the stories of people traveling to see Gacek were “mind-blowing”.

“There was a guy from Norway who took a flight. He claimed that Gacek led him to make the decision to come here,” said Maksymiuk. “Because of Gacek, tourism has increased enormously, far beyond my expectation or imagination.”

Some fans attribute Gacek’s fame to his confidence and handsome face, others say it’s his celebrity status that is drawing visitors to a city already known for its Castle of the Dukes of Pomerania, parks and picturesque riverside scenery.

However, some Szczecin residents are concerned. Marta Gluchowska, a nurse at the Szczecin Society for the Care of Animals, says people are giving Gacek inappropriate food.

Source: CNN Brasil

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