KINAL: Apart from the new Development Law, several categories of small and medium enterprises

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On the bill of the Ministry of Development, which concerns the New Development Law and is being discussed today in the Parliamentary Committee on Production and Trade, the Member of Parliament for Halkidiki and Head of the Parliamentary Sector of the Movement for Development and Investment, Mr. Panas.

Initially, Mr. Panas underlined the sloppiness and incoordination of the Government’s legislative initiatives, reminding that in parallel with the Bill under discussion of the “New Development Law”, a similar Bill entitled “Modernization for the Modernization” is going to be legislated. Regarding the discussed development plan, the KINAL MP stressed that it is falsely characterized as national and universal, while in fact it is another sum of fragmentary and unrelated regulations which do not constitute a coherent and integrated development policy.

The problems that Mr. Panas recorded and pointed out to the committee, asking for them to be corrected, are as follows:

1st The absence of substantial synergies between the resources of the Development Law and those of the NSRF, the Recovery Fund (Next Generation EU) and the other national plans mentioned in it, as well as the Medium Term Fiscal Strategy Framework. The general reference in the relevant article does not cure the specific imperfection of the legislation.

2nd There is no serious analysis of the productive position of the Greek economy in the global production of goods and services.

3rd In this context, the concept of a targeted strategy of “National Value Added”, proposed by the Movement for Change, is missing.

4th The inexplicable hostility of the Government against small and medium enterprises, as the incentive of the subsidy to the Medium Enterprises is not foreseen.

In addition, the Member of Parliament characteristically stated:

“We are not opposed to the reform and modernization of the Development Law in some areas, such as, for example, the elimination of frequent and very long delays, which occur until the decision to include investment plans in aid schemes.

From the first reading of the draft law it seems that its provisions will not be able to sufficiently expand the economic development of the country, will not bring about economies of scale, nor will they achieve the necessary digital and technological transformation of companies and the green transition, while doubtful is also the strengthening of employment “.


Source From: Capital

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